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THE MUTANT MAN by Christopher Bryant
The Space Arts Centre, London: March - April 2017
(Production photographs by Greg Goodale - click to scroll through)

Harry Crawford (otherwise known as Eugenia Falleni) stands trial for the death of his wife. The trial is a farce: the case is filled with false witnesses and Harry’s gender identity is blasted across the newspapers. As the trial continues, Harry’s tragic life-story comes to light. A thrilling true-crime drama, Christopher Bryant’s multi-award-nominated play The Mutant Man puts gender diversity centre stage, while tracing a stomach churning narrative rooted in history.

Featured in Time Out London's guide to the best LGBT theatre.

Director: Heather Fairbairn
Designer: Charlotte Henery
Lighting Designer: Sean Gleason
Sound Designer/AV Technician: Sebastian Atterbury
Video Designer: Sapphire Goss
Script Consultant: Jacob Thomas
Assistant Director: Holly Barnard
With:  Matthew Coulton and Clementine Mills


"[The Mutant Man is] a gripping and thought-provoking 70 minutes, and well worth a visit." - blogoftheatrethings

"In Christopher Bryant’s dark, expressionistic thriller The Mutant Man... The writing is tight and at times poetic in its use of repetition and rhythm." - British Theatre Guide 

"I do admire a play - and production - that isn't afraid to make its audience work... a densely constructed and thought-provoking sense of theatricality." - Ian Foster 

"[The Mutant Man] - pertinent as ever – 100 years later – as it draws some uncomfortable parallels to the world today." - Amy Ashenden, The Evening Standard

"Christopher Bryant’s multi-award nominated script embraces ambiguity and invites discourse about the non-binary nature of gender. The Mutant Man questions our understanding of gender, and even though the events in the play took place about a hundred years ago, in our current political climate Harry Crawford’s story feels more urgent than ever." - Daniel Perks 

★★★★ "two amazingly talented performers"..."This gripping and insightful play opens up enlightening discussions about the problems we face with our ideals and expectations of gender identity today." - lastminutetheatretickets

"Beautifully performed with glimpses of visual genius in its staging" - theplaysthething