SNEAKYVILLE by Christopher Bryant
1-12 August 2018 at fortyfivedownstairs
(Production photography by Sarah Walker - click to scroll through)

Sneakyville is available to purchase through Australian Plays.

You have to be sneaky to find the truth. Charlie Manson knew this. His Family knew this. The person next to you probably knows this. Maybe you do too. Come down to Sneakyville. It’s a hell of a trip. 

From award-winning playwright Christopher Bryant and Green Room nominated director Daniel Lammin, Sneakyville is a darkly funny and theatrically daring new work about where the worst of us come from, and why the rest of us fall in love with them.

Director: Daniel Lammin
Assistant Director: Jessica McLaughlin-Cafferty
Production Designer: Nathan Burmeister
A/V Designer: Justin Gardam
Lighting Designer: Alexander Berlage
Producer: Morgan Little
PR: Cameron Lukey
Production Manager: Kathryn Yates
Stage Manager: Beth Paterson
WITH: Kristina Benton, Julia Christensen, Patrick Durnan Silva, Wil King, and Grace Travaglia


Star Observer (by Christopher Bryant)
MilkBar Mag Interview by Lachlan Baynes
Joy FM Interview (with Daniel Lammin)

"Sneakyville is never anything less than a confronting and challenging piece of theatre, creatively staged and ambitious in scope and scale." - Milkbarmag/Lachlan Baynes (Sneakyville)

"A masterful retelling... Bryant renders the voices of Manson and the Family with a concise ear for rhythm and cadence, acutely capturing the jinky, poetic tumble of messianic pop philosophy... [Sneakyville] creates an air of clinical detachment, suggesting a forensic investigation as well as the impenetrability of historical events and the blurriness of recollection." - Witness Performance/Rob Reid (Sneakyville)

"Director, Daniel Lammin, hasn’t directed a comfortable show... and it shouldn’t be comfortable, either. Neither is it gratuitous. It would be easy to go for shock, but in giving us uneasy moments of dark and light, Sneakyville proves to be a more rewarding destination" - David Collins/Arts Review (Sneakyville)

"The audience never gets lost in the fantasy of the show and keeps it grounded enough to ensure that there are still plenty of surprises to be uncovered. Even those familiar with this particular moment of history will find enough in Bryant's script to satisfy their dark urges, and leave you questioning if Charles Manson really is "only what lives inside each and every one of you"." - Myron My (Sneakyville)

"Sneakyville is at once a visceral experience and an intellectual and emotional challenge. ... Christopher Bryant isn’t the first to delve into our fascination with horror, the thrill of violence and the seductions of psychopaths – but he does it with incisive originality" - Michael Brindley/Stage Whispers (Sneakyville)

"You know that you’ve seen a good piece of work when you come away questioning you’re own interpretation of reality and considering that maybe everyone has the potential to be Charles Manson... I would highly recommend Sneakyville, for its political sociological and criminological themes along with some brilliant writing, performance and artistic vision" (4.5 stars) - Jemma Baker/Theatre People (Sneakyville)

"[Sneakyville] has strokes of imaginative genius" - Cameron Woodhead/The Age