Home Invasion - Theatre Works Supporting Material

1. Promotional/Production Photos (by Robert Catto): Old 505 Theatre, 2018. Photo gallery - click to scroll through images.

2. Production Script: Home Invasion by Christopher Bryant

3. Production Press:

“For a play to balance dark, worrying concerns about consumer and patriarchal brutalism with a laugh-heavy pop confection is no easy feat, and this production of Home Invasion comes together like a dream. You’ll never have more fun exploring the many ways our society sells itself out." – Cassie Tongue/TimeOut Sydney


"HOME INVASION is a deliciously constructed work that has a savvy eye on the 'networks' of influence of our daily life, and not only satirises, but critiques that, with a humanist concern for the handcart, that we have sat ourselves in, and are permissively unconcerned about - perhaps, blithely unconcerned about - the gathering speed of the careening of our culture - species - towards hell... catch this remarkable play and production. You will be challenged. You will be rewarded." – Kevin Jackson’s Theatre Diary


"The Old 505 has a real hit on their hands with Home Invasion. It's a smart, electrifying production that punches well above its weight in the realms of indie theatre." – Emma Caldwell/Weekend Notes


"A powerful collaboration offering a series of striking imagery... Home Invasion depicts female subjugation in contemporary terms, as an operation inherent in processes of commodification and of the media. It is true that we are in danger of having our minds clouded and capitalised by institutions that will benefit from our delusions, but we must believe that resistance is possible, and necessary. Where the show ends, is where we begin deducing alternatives for our aftermath." – Suzy Goes See


"Caustic, cruelly funny and handsomely delivered in a spare but technically pin-sharp production" – Jason Blake/Audrey Journal


“A coup that successfully marries pop culture with social satire… Berlage’s niche in the Sydney theatre scene is fast becoming a place of wonder and wit, all delivered with chic and unique design. This is another not to miss night of theatre." – The Buzz From Sydney