21 things I learnt the hard way

1.     Honesty is the best policy. Also, if you lie to save feelings, it’ll come back to haunt you and the feelings won’t be saved, anyway.

2.     On that, confrontation is best actually… confronted. If you try to avoid it, the issue’ll arise anyway and you’ll have fucked it up by trying to “low key” confront the issue (otherwise known as high key avoiding it).

3.     Caffeine is not the best way to battle the tiredness of a brain injury, but it helps. (In actuality, there is no best way to battle the tiredness of a brain injury. You kind of just need to suck it up and be tired.)

4.     It’s all well and good that you’re severely introverted and were extremely uncomfortable in 99 percent of social situations before the brain injury slathered on a helping of anxiety on top of this. However; sometimes you just need to suck it the fuck up and at least attempt to act like a regular, functioning human being.

5.     Friendship is a two way street. Somebody not responding to you is, in itself, a response. At least, if it happens numerous times. If somebody is that determined to push you away, let them.

6.     It’s all well and good to get up at 7AM to encourage productivity, but round about the fourth hour spent mindlessly scrolling through facebook, or the second wank of the day, you’ll wish you’d slept in.

7.     People are allowed to not like you, and that’s okay. They don’t owe you an explanation. But you don’t owe them time or trust or respect in return.

8.     Even at seven thirty in the morning, there’s kind of really no excuse for accidentally putting vegemite and strawberry jam onto the same piece of toast. What are you, six?

9.     Being alone every few days is actually brilliantly, blessedly, helpful. And sort of required. We all need time to sort out our thoughts, especially you.

10. Reading a book is pretty much always better than mindlessly watching television. However, sometimes your brain just needs four straight hours of My Strange Addiction, and that’s okay.

11. Someone else’s success doesn’t equate to your failure. (And yes, it’s incredibly cliché and very Tumblr/Thought Catalog/faux-deep-chakra-prana-hot-yoga-loving-22-year-old, but it is also true.)

12. Being honest with yourself and others about your true feelings (towards the world, others, yourself) isn’t “brave”, it just is. It will, however, make some people incredibly uncomfortable. (And make others call you brave. Which, while nice, is also incorrect. Probably.)

13. Sometimes, people will be super uncomfortable when you tell them you don’t drink. That’s a reflection on them. As is them asking you: “What’s wrong with you??”

14. The way to make them less uncomfortable is not by answering “I got hit by a car.”

15. It’s okay to forgive yourself, even if others don’t.

16. Being awkward and embarrassed about shooting high is pointless and irritating. Shoot high. Fail high. Just fucking try.

17. Microwave porridge is actually really comforting and is made of oats and black magic.

18. Your relationship with someone can wildly swing from friendly to flirtatious to severe schoolyard crush to absolutely non-existent in the space of six months or less, and that’s okay and not your fault.

19. If you could turn back time and change the way you acted, nine times out of ten you probably would. You can’t, however, so you’d better get used to living with your mistakes.

20. When someone starts a sentence with “well, I’ve Googled your symptoms…” the best thing to do is tune the fuck out, not freak the fuck out.

21. Keep your fucking mouth shut, stupid.